Dance Camp

4 levels of Lindy Hop, 2 levels of Solo Jazz and really very interesting Taster Class for all passionate dancers, this is what awaits you at KEEP ON SWINGIN Dance Camp – Weekend!!!

Teachers may suggest to the organizers any level changes in the various classes, but no participant will be allowed to move levels spontaneously.

Our advice in choosing your level is not to be frantic about aiming for the highest level, but rather for the class in which you will be most comfortable dancing and learning without too much difficulty.

Remember that in any case you will have the opportunity to learn from truly outstanding international teachers!

Lindy hop


You’ve only been dancing for a few months, but you’re already hooked on Lindy Hop and would like to learn new figures to have fun on the dance floor.


You have been dancing Lindy Hop for at least 1 year, taking regular classes and dancing at Social Dance nights. You confidently tackle the main 6- and 8-step figures, and would like to add more and more challenging variations to your style.


You have been dancing Lindy Hop for at least 2 years, taking regular classes and dancing in Social Dance nights. Technique, variation and musicality are your bread and butter, and mastering any song and speed with ease and style is your goal on the dance floor.

Master Class Invitational

By invitation of the organizer only



You have been dancing Solo Jazz for a short time but already know the basic Charleston and “Alphabetical Jazz Steps,” but want to add style and variations to show off on the dance floor.


Know the basic Charleston steps and the most popular Jazz Steps and have fun on the music and mixing steps and variations. Technique, style, improvisation and rhythm are your goals!


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