The artists

Hector Artal

Sonia Ortega

Vincenzo Fesi


Dj Serj


Sonia Ortega

Sonia has been dancing different styles of dance since the age of 5, but Lindy Hop is definitely the one that has captured her heart.

She has been teaching classes in Barcelona and throughout Europe since 2000.

Classically and jazz trained, she is known in her city as a fantastic “Social” dancer and a devoted international teacher who is helpful, patient, and well disposed to dance with all her students.

Hector artal

Professional dancer, teacher and choreographer since 2006.

He began dancing in 1999 Argentine Tango and Cuban Salsa, as well as Flamenco, Contemporary Dance, Afro-Cuban Rumba and Jazz.

Lindy Hop came into his life in 2005 and as the years went by, it became the most important dance for him.

Right now Hector is developing his own project called Movin’ in Jazz in which he explores body movements with sequencing and choreography.

Vincenzo Fesi

A Como-born dancer, teacher and choreographer, he has been traveling the world for years as host of the most prestigious international swing festivals.

Still being inspired by the incomparable Fred Astaire, Gene Kelly and Frankie Manning, Vincenzo Fesi is the “Italian star” who shines in the bustling world swing scene.

He has a unique teaching method developed through many years’ experience in the industry, and he manages to unleash both in teaching and on stage a truly contagious energy.
Vincenzo cannot simply be called a dancer, for he sings, leads shows, and is a skilled storyteller of Jazz Era history and culture.



With the beloved orchestra conducted by multi-instrumentalist and arranger Giorgio Cuscito, the atmosphere of Harlem’s famous clubs in the 1930s will be recreated as if by magic: the Cotton Club, as well as the Savoy and the Paramount.


Giorgio Cuscito, conducting, arrangements, tenor sax.
Mario Caporilli, trumpet
Ferdy Coppola, tenor sax and vocals
Gino Cardamone, guitar
Alberto Antonucci, double bass
Fabiano Giovannelli, drums
Monica Gilardi, vocals



The orchestra was born in 2015, in the sign of a great artistic bet: to revive the sounds of the great masters of swing.

And so it is, in fact these nine splendid musicians are able to restore the atmosphere of traditional big bands, thanks to original arrangements.

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